2018 DRIVE Expo Welcomes Pro Fabrication Headers & Exhaust

(CHARLOTTE, NC – OCTOBER 24, 2018) Direct Racing Industry Virtual Expo officials are pleased to welcome Pro Fabrication Headers & Exhaust as an Exhibitor at the 2018 DRIVE Expo on November 8th – 10th. Based in North Carolina, Pro Fabrication is a leading manufacturer of headers, exhaust systems, and various racing components. With in-house testing and numerous resources, Pro Fabrication has the solutions for all your production needs.

Uniting the motorsports world like never before, the DRIVE offers companies within the racing industry the opportunity to exhibit their products and services on a virtual platform.  By eliminating travel costs and opening the doors to a worldwide audience, we are poised for a trade show experience unlike any other.  Companies looking to exhibit and attendees wishing to register can visit http://thedriveexpo.com 

For more information about Pro Fabrication Headers & Exhaust, find them on Facebook (@profabrication), email them (sales@profabrication.com), or contact them directly at 704-795-7563