The DRIVE (Direct Racing Industry Virtual Expo) is a virtual trade show for the motorsports industry that will air LIVE from November 8th – November 10th, 2018. In addition, The DRIVE will also be available via On-Demand after the show.
Unlike any other trade show or expo in our industry, The DRIVE offers a platform that allows you to connect with attendees worldwide! Exhibitors can look forward to increased attendance, elimination of travel expenses, additional brand awareness, detailed analytics, and much more.
The DRIVE welcomes all exhibitors (companies, speedways, racing series, etc) that are relative to the motorsports industry. While all applications are appreciated, The DRIVE reserves the right to approve, deny, or revoke any registration in an effort to preserve the integrity of the event.
While the LIVE airing of The DRIVE is absolutely FREE for all attendees, our detailed registration form will allow you to properly qualify prospective clients. In addition, a customized analysis will be provided to each exhibitor after the show.
Those that wish to exhibit at The DRIVE can visit the exhibitor application page.
The DRIVE offers a variety of virtual booth options. Early registration discounts are available until August 17, 2018 and overall registration deadline is October 26th, 2018. For more information please see the Exhibitor Information Packet.
A detailed list of what items are included in each of our virtual booth options can be found in our Exhibitor Information Packet.
Once your application is approved and payment is processed, The DRIVE management team will assist you in designing your virtual booth. Exhibitors will also be granted direct access to their booth so that your company representatives can oversee your booth and prepare to welcome attendees.
Direct interaction with attendees can be achieved through public and private chat.
The DRIVE Technical Support team will be available to address any exhibitor questions and/or concerns that may arise.
Detailed information of all attendees who visit your booth will be collected and provided to you at the end of the show.
Partnership opportunities can be obtained by downloading the Partnership Information Packet on the Exhibitors Page

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